What We Do

I Saved A Puppy is a nonprofit organization geared towards providing medical care, feeding, rescuing and finding good homes for abandoned animals in the US and all over the world.

Our goal is to provide care and safe havens for animals all over the world. To end animal hunger, abuse, neglect, famine and vital care. We are doing this one animal at a time with your help, support, donations and purchases.

Our Team

Our vision is turning into graspable reality thanks to the  enthusiastic and action-driven support of our volunteer team. They’ve been making countless trips back and forth between San Diego and Tijuana, received & delivered food and basic supplies donations, ensured that pets in need of medical attention were treated by our volunteer vet in Tijuana, and have successfully fostered and found loving forever homes for homeless pets.


On behalf of all the abandoned dogs & cats in Tijuana, we’d like to extend to you a warm “thank you” for your support of ISavedAPuppy. Our mission of rescuing & adopting out homeless pets would be impossible without your financial support. We document the life saving impact of all funds received on our social media platforms and invite you to browse all adoptable pets in our virtual adoption shelter.